Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
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By Celestial Design


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs and Mercury and Uranus are air planets. 

Air types are quick, restless and mentally active. Easily bored, they love games and new ways of addressing situations. Their strongest talent is the ability to reason and think clearly and objectively.  Air signs excel at the abstract and are good at math and science. They are also good communicators often becoming teachers, writers, salesmen, counselors, and lawyers.

Air emphasis in a chart makes a person likeable and able to create a favorable impression. They are willing to make compromises but usually remain true to their ideals. What air signs give away is not what they consider important.

THE CHALLENGES OF TOO MUCH AIR in a natal chart are insensitivity to their own feelings and to those of others. The mind is over-emphasized and the emotions are undervalued or not acknowledged.

THE LACK OF AIR in a natal chart can mean an inability to think reasonably or clearly without effort. There may be a lack of objectivity or an inability to see things from the other person's point of view or a lack of skills in communication and social areas.

The element of air represents the mental and social realms. Air moves horizontally across the surface and with great speed, forming connections between all that it encounters.  Air signs are the most comfortable in the realm of abstract ideas and concepts, symbols, and communication.

Air signs are the most objective, and are capable of having the greatest amount of perspective of all the signs. The element of air is a member of the "masculine" polarity and is therefore more extroverted and active, and operates on the conscious, external level. All the air signs are double signs, rooted in duality and able to understand and appreciate all sides of an issue simultaneously. Air signs are also fundamentally concerned with relationships and understanding our place in the universe. Gemini relates the individual to his or her environment; Libra relates the individual to other individuals; and Aquarius relates the individual to society.

Because air is the element that relates to the mental plane, the element of air is rational and logical. This also means that air signs are not very comfortable with emotions in general, and with intense emotions in particular. Air signs will often try to distance themselves from emotions and retreat to the mental, abstract realms where they are the most comfortable.  Remember, air moves along the surface; it does not like to go too deep.

Individuals with a strong emphasis in air often have extremely vivid imaginations. They are so attuned to the energies of the mental plane that they are able to discover new ideas and concepts, and build on old ones by discovering new connections or different perspectives. While air signs are full of wonderful ideas, they are not successful at actually implementing these ideas. Air signs are thinkers, not doers -- they leave the implementation of their ideas to the earth signs.

Air signs recharge through social and mental activity, but also through direct experience of air. This can include everything from deep breathing, to kite flying, to riding a motorcycle or roller coaster and feeling the rush of the wind. Air signs enjoy abstract challenges, and can energize through working puzzles and riddles, through research or debate, or simply by socializing with friends and meeting new people.