Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design


, Virgo, and Capricorn are the earth signs and Saturn and Venus are the earth planets. 

Earth is the reality element.  Earth people are quiet, placid, and practical. They value people and things by their usefulness.  Earth signs are conservative and like the status quo. They are good at organizing and love order because it makes them feel secure.

The greatest strengths of earth include the ability to sort fact from fiction, to stay in control, to be reliable and persistent. Earth people are very connected to their bodies as well as to Mother Earth and all her abundant gifts. 

THE CHALLENGE OF TOO MUCH EARTH in a natal chart may result in a lack of imagination and spark and a doggedness that tends to slow down the pace.

THE LACK OF EARTH in a natal chart evidences as a strange sense of not being rooted in the physical universe or in the physical body. They may find it hard to keep track of reality and lose all sense of proportion in stressful times.

The element of earth rep­resents substance and physical form.  Earth is practical, substantial, and material, and is concerned with mat­ter and our need to interact with the physical world. Earth is passive and re­ceptive; it must be acted on and formed by external energies.  Earth is the most stable of the elements. Earth signs are concerned with the physical, the material, and with issues of worth and value.

Earth is the slowest moving of the elements; in fact, earth almost seems not to move at all. Earth signs have the most even temperaments, and are the most difficult to provoke to take action-but don't forget that inertia works both ways! Yes, it takes a lot to get earth signs moving, and yes, they tend to move rather slowly when they do, but the sheer weight and mass that earth signs carry with them can be a formidable power to experience. Steamrollers don't move particularly fast-but they aren't to be trifled with.

Earth signs are first and foremost concerned with what is practical. Earth signs relate primarily on the physical, tangible level, and often struggle with understanding more abstract concepts. Individuals with a strong emphasis in earth tend to be very sensual, and very anchored in the physical. These individuals communicate best through their sense of touch, taste, and hearing. They are far more likely to rely on what their physical bodies tell them than on any information they receive on the mental, intellectual, or verbal levels. Earth signs experience the full range of emotions, although they are frequently so grounded that they do not appear to be feeling much of anything.

Earth signs have a tendency to become addicted to the illusions of the physical plane. It is a very short step from simply enjoying the material world and the creature comforts and pleasures that come with it, to identifying with these trappings and losing sight of our true, spiritual purposes. Earth signs can become so grounded that they have difficulty accepting that the unseen, spiritual world has any validity at all. The lesson for earth signs is to learn the ways of grounding spiritual energy in the material world.

Earth signs recharge through connecting with the Earth. Individuals with a strong emphasis in earth in their charts often find that they enjoy gardening, caring for their lawns, and anything that puts them in direct contact with nature.