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The element of Fire is associated with the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and the planets Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun.

Fire represents will, freedom, and energy. A strong emphasis on fire in a chart will produce a high‑spirited restless nature that releases energy instead of holding it in. Fire people do not usually hold a grudge. When angered, their emotional outbursts are like a flash fire and later they wonder why anyone is still upset.  Although fire is warm and affectionate it values freedom more than security.  Fire types are passionate and emotionally independent.  Since they hate to appear weak fire types have a hard time crying or admitting they are needy.

THE CHALLENGE OF TOO MUCH FIRE in a natal chart are rebelliousness, aggressiveness, insensitivity and a bad temper. Not especially practical, a fire personality can overestimate his abilities and energy.

THE LACK OF FIRE in a natal chart may indicate a lack of independence, will power or the ability to take risks. These types may have difficulty asserting themselves or acting independently of others. A strong Saturn can greatly tone down a fire chart.

The element of fire represents the energy of life.  Fire is outgoing, energizing, and transforming, and is the most self-motivated of the elements. Fire signs are concerned with the question of identity, and they also tend to be more action-oriented than the other elements. Fire signs are intense: they usually radiate great warmth and light, but in close quarters, they can also burn.

Fire signs are very focused in the moment, although, in the same way that a fire will spread quickly from one place to another, fire signs have a tendency to follow a train of thought rather than sticking with one idea or concept and seeing it through to completion. One quality of fire that is usually overlooked in the Western traditions (but is a fundamental quality of the Eastern element of fire) is that fire is clinging and dependent. Fire can only exist as long as there is fuel; once the fuel has been consumed, the fire dies.

When we think of the word "fire" we also think of terms like "passionate." Fire signs are very prone to intense emotions; however, the emotions they are the most comfortable with are either intense joy or intense anger. Fire signs must learn how to experience the full range of emotions and not limit themselves to extremes.

Fire is also a very masculine, one-pointed energy in that it has a strong "all or nothing" tendency. When a fire sign takes action it instantaneously runs on all eight cylinders. When fire signs go, they GO! By the same token, when they stop, it's usually a dead stop: they run out of fuel and drop from exhaustion.  An important lesson for fire signs is moderation.

Fire signs are extremely honest. It never occurs to them to express anything other than their true nature, and they have little tolerance for dishonesty in others.

Fire signs recharge through physical activity, especially physical activity outdoors and in the sun, which is ultimately the strongest representation of the element of fire.  People with an emphasis in fire may also find that they enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace, tending to campfires, or dining by candlelight. Short of direct physical exertion or intense emotional outbursts, simply being near actual flames can be a nurturing and energizing experience.