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Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs and the Moon and Neptune are the water planets.

Water is the element of soul, feeling, emotions, and compassion. Water people are the most sensitive of all the signs and can often feel not only their own feelings but those of everyone around them.  Since the element of water retains all emotional feelings, a negative experience can leave serious emotional scars which result in compulsive behaviors. Conservative and fearful, water types prefer situations that are familiar and reassuring.

The strengths of water are its creativity, imagination and ability to live internally. Water people live to feel but they can live through another persons feelings as in a care-giving or co-dependent situation.

THE CHALLENGE OF TOO MUCH WATER in a natal chart are when the ocean of emotion overcomes their thinking faculty and they cannot be objective.

THE LACK OF WATER in a natal chart represents difficulty in sympathizing with others and with their own needs. They can be out of touch with their feelings which then causes their emotions to express unconsciously and in a problematic way.

The element of water relates to the emotional and spiritual plane. Water signs operate entirely on the level of feelings -- but not just any feelings. The element of water relates to our deepest, most primal emotions, as well as to the needs and longings of our soul. These feelings are buried deep in our unconscious and subconscious minds, and many times we would like to keep them locked up and even forget that they exist because we are frightened by the power and intensity that they carry.

Water is a "feminine" energy, receptive, responsive, and fluid. Water sinks, always seeking the lowest and deepest point, and water will continue to flow until it is contained. Water has no shape or structure of its own, and instead takes on the characteristics and form of its container. The element of water is irrational, instinctive, emotional, and entirely right-brained.

Like air signs, water signs also seek to make connections, only water seeks to connect on deep, transformational levels that air would never consider exploring. Water signs are concerned with healing and with the power of emotional release, and water signs are the most comfortable with any kind of emotion, so long as it is intense.  Water has a tendency to exaggerate and to be overly dramatic.

Water signs are perhaps the most retentive of all the elements. Water remembers each and every emotional experience, no matter how painful. At times water enjoys exploring the painful memories and emotions , as they are frequently the most intense experiences. One of the hardest lessons for water signs is learning how to let go, to truly release the pain and negativity and allow the healing process to complete itself.

Water signs feel emotion more deeply than of any of the other elements. They may not be able to communicate the depth of their feelings, the extent of their pain and joy, because words do not come easily to water signs. They have an ongoing struggle with finding ways of communicating and expressing their feelings that encompass the intensity of the experience. Ultimately, words are inadequate; some things can only be communicated through direct emotional, energetic connections.

Because the element of water has no structure of its own and must be contained, water signs have difficulty accepting and respecting interpersonal boundaries -- particularly emotional ones. Water signs must learn to respect the emotions and the comfort level of others.  Not everybody is able to bare their soul and share their deepest feelings five minutes after being introduced. This can be a difficult and painful lesson.

Water signs recharge through intense emotional connections, as well as through proximity to water.  Individuals with an emphasis in water can clear their emotional bodies of the accumulated negativity by spending time in and near water. These individuals are often happiest living near lakes, rivers, or oceans; otherwise, they may be attracted to rainy climates.  Taking long, hot showers, or soaking in a warm bath can have the same energizing and clearing effect.