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Wendy Cicchetti

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The eleventh house describes the friends a person chooses and the organizations to which one belongs. The eleventh house is the clubhouse -- the place where we go to hang out with friends and colleagues, and to do things in groups. The eleventh house is opposite the fifth-house game room, and the two do have much in common (they're both pretty fun places to be). The main difference is that when we're in the eleventh house, we're spending time with groups of people; in the fifth house, we're either alone, or in more intimate circumstances that usually don't call for more than one other person. The eleventh house then relates to friendship and friends, and it also has to do with our hopes and wishes (as opposed to our dreams, which are found in the ninth house). The eleventh house rules fraternal lodges and cooperative societies. This house represents one's colleagues, acquaintances and companions. The potential to advance personal objectives through friendship and group affiliations lies herein. The natural sign of the eleventh house is Aquarius: Uranus and Saturn are the natural rulers.