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Wendy Cicchetti

International Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor

The twelfth house is the meditation room (although it's been called far worse than that). The twelfth house is opposite the sixth house, which contains the things we have to do in order to maintain a physical body. Well, the twelfth house contains the things we have to do in order to maintain a soul and spiritual essence. The twelfth house is associated with prisons, and from the point of view of our eternal souls, being housed in a physical body is very much like being in a prison. One of the finest expressions of the twelfth house is the film industry. Since it is the house of illusions, it houses movies, acting and actors.

The twelfth house represents sorrows, troubles, bondage, limitations, anxieties, worries, confinement, seclusion and all that is hidden or clandestine. Confidential matters, private affairs, secret societies, hidden enemies, treachery and deceit are twelfth house concerns. Charitable organizations, welfare offices and relief agencies are part of this house. Hospitals, sanitariums, rest homes, jails, prisons, reformatories and detention camps are represented by the twelfth house. This house is referred to as the house of self-undoing or karma because it is associated with karmic responsibilities. The thing about the twelfth house, though, is that it is above the horizon, and that means that even though we think that it's nice, hidden, and private, it's completely visible to everyone else in the world. We are always the last to know about what's in our twelfth house (which is one of the reasons that the twelfth house is also associated with hidden enemies). Think of the twelfth house as our shadow: we can't always see it ourselves, but everyone else can. The twelfth house relates to the unseen, the psychic, and the spiritual. We are not always consciously aware of the influences in our twelfth house; they tend to operate behind the scenes. Pisces is the natural sign of the twelfth house; the natural rulers are Neptune and Jupiter.