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Wendy Cicchetti

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The second house represents personal material resources. Money, tangible assets, personal belongings, movable possessions, personal income and expenditures all come under the dominion of the second house. This house describes a person's earning capacity, how personal money is spent, how financial obligations are met, how one budgets, saves and invests. This is the house of personal finance. Taurus is the natural sign of the second house, and Venus is the natural ruler.

The second house is where we keep all our "stuff". The first house is what is "me," and the second house is what is "mine." Not only do we store our physical and material possessions in our second house, but we also store our gifts, talents, and skills there as well. The second house is one of the "money" houses (along with the sixth and tenth houses), and can indicate how we make money. The second house also relates to our physical senses, and the amount and quality of our self-esteem. It relates to the things we value, and the ways in which we experience the physical world.