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Wendy Cicchetti

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The third house of the horoscope rules the intellect and communication. A person's thinking capacity, mental expression, conversational tendencies, communication style, literary interests, reading preferences, study habits, speech, letters, writings, documents, books, magazines, telephones, and primary and secondary education (particularly early school experiences) are ascribed to this house. The third house in Astrology has to do with basic learning and affects the ability to communicate. Short trips and commuter travel belong to the third house as does walking, hiking, bike riding and visiting. The third house in Astrology represents brothers, sisters, relatives in general, neighbors and the neighborhood environment. This is the house of learning. The natural sign of the third house is Gemini; Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house of the horoscope. People with lots of planets in the third house like to be around other people. For these individuals, self-imposed solitude is not healthy or natural behavior. The third house is the mail and telephone room; the communication hub of the chart. When we want to keep tabs on our environment, siblings, and neighbors, this is where we go