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Wendy Cicchetti

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The fourth house of the horoscope deals with the home, family life and domestic affairs. Fixed possessions are governed by the fourth house. In Astrology, it represents one's mother and describes the maternal relationship in particular, the parental relationship in general. The fourth house in Astrology reflects one's inherited tendencies as well as early childhood environment and experiences and the closing years of life and the final result in an event chart. This is the house of the home. Cancer is the natural sign of the fourth house of the horoscope, and the Moon is the natural ruler of the fourth house. As the ruler of home, family, and roots, it concerns one's ancestors, heritage, and parents. In ancient astrology it usually indicates the father, the parent from whom we take our name and our sense of importance or legitimacy. It also has to do with land, real estate, gardens and farms, and one's house or apartment. Interior decorating, furniture, and so forth, is the province of the fourth house. This is where one puts down roots, takes hold, fights off intruders, digests one's dinner and the day's experience, and relaxes in the peace of intimacy.

The Imum Coeli

The Imum Coeli, or IC, as it is usually known, is the most private and hidden point in the chart. It is still a "door" to the outside world, but it's more of a secret, hidden entrance, one that is only ever used by our close friends and family, because it leads to the most private, protected, and personal facets of our lives. Even though the IC is the most hidden point in the chart, it is also the one where we experience the greatest connection to the universe; through the IC we can connect with our past, our heritage, and ultimately with the memory of what it was like to be a part of all creation. The IC is the point that relates to all beginnings and endings in the Astrology chart, and is the point through which the soul enters our bodies.