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Wendy Cicchetti

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The fifth house governs pleasurable pursuits. The fifth house is the party room -- it's where we go when it's time to let our hair down and have fun. The fifth house relates to love affairs, any romantic relationship that does not involve a contractual commitment or where the individuals don't live under the same roof. (Once two people either get married or move in together, it becomes a seventh-house relationship.) Creative expression, romance, courtship, sex and love affairs, social activities, recreation, entertainment, amusements, sports, games, hobbies, gambling interests and financial speculation are represented by the fifth house. Although investments fall in the general category of financial affair's belonging to the second house, those of a risky or speculative nature are ruled by the fifth house. The fifth house is associated with education and educational institutions and, along with the third house, has bearing on one's education. Conception, childbirth, one's own children, and the first child in particular, are also represented by the fifth house. This is the house of pleasure. The natural sign of the fifth house is Leo, and the natural ruler is the Sun. It also represents hobbies, private workshops, creative efforts, performance studios, the theater, dance, drama, music, and art. It is the house of self-fulfillment, of doing as one pleases. Lots of planets in the fifth house indicate a person with a charismatic personality who energizes others by their very presence.