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Wendy Cicchetti

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The sixth house, is associated with health and one's capacity for work and service. Matters to do with diet, nutrition, hygiene, health care, sickness and disease are ascribed to the sixth house. General working conditions, one's ability to obtain and hold a job, job efficiency, occupational hazards, and one's relationships with co-workers and employees are described by this house. The sixth house rules pets and domestic animals; (as well as insects, vermin, and pests in general, including your tiresome neighbor). It is connected with animal husbandry. It is the house of duty, dedication, and maintenance. It is the door of knowledge gained through repetitive, mundane examination of data, and wisdom and compassion gained through service to others, whether rendered gladly or forced by karma. With a lot of planets in the sixth, work, health and dependability are issues. It also relates to our physical body and health in that the sixth house is the house of illness (at least in classical astrology). Having planets in the sixth house doesn't indicate that we're going to have health problems, but may describe the types of things that we will have to do in order to prevent health problems. Virgo is the natural sign of the sixth house; Mercury is its natural ruler.

The sixth house is our office -- it's where we go to take care of business on a daily basis, and in the sixth house, we find all the routines and activities that we have to do on a daily basis in order to maintain an existence on the physical plane. The sixth house is a cadent house, and here we are concerned with learning about the material world.