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Wendy Cicchetti

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The eighth house rules secrets, death, near-death experiences, death benefits, insurance, the affairs of the dead, taxes, banks, loans, alimony, gains obtained through business partners, the partner's sexuality, and events that come through the partner's sex life. It rules inheritance, foundation grants, the occult, and ESP or out-of-the-body experiences. It is a hidden, or silent, sector, operating behind the scenes, regarding matters that no one but the native knows about. It has much to do with Fate, and may indicate important past-life events. The eighth house is associated with sexual energies and regeneration. Interest in life after death and reincarnation is found here. This is the house of rejuvenation. Scorpio is the natural sign of the eighth house; Pluto and Mars share natural rulership. Being a succedent house, the eighth house is concerned with security-in this case, with emotional and soul security. The eighth house is visible, being above the horizon in the Southern Hemisphere, and it involves other people because it's in the Western half of the chart. Nevertheless, the eighth house is a very private room -- it's where we keep many of our secrets as well as our fears. Many planets in the eighth indicates someone whom no one can really know. Psychology and psychotherapy can be found here.