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Wendy Cicchetti

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The ninth house governs legal affairs, foreign interests, religion, abstract thought, higher education, particularly in science and philosophy, the liberal arts, publishing, long-range advertising and lengthy journeys. This house rules courts of law, foreign countries, churches and universities. The ninth house represents the relatives of the marriage partner and describes a person's relationship with in-laws. Horses, especially race horses, are associated with this house. It is called the house of philosophy. It has to do with religion, politics, and the need to go beyond the confines of the routine of home/family/job. It relates to politicians, the clergy, professors, yogis, saints, foreigners, and travelers. It refers to churches, temples, universities, colleges, think tanks, study groups, and the buildings that house them. It also rules airplanes, trains, ocean liners, communication satellites, telephones, air-mail, e-mail, macro and micro-photography, and all external and internal means of reaching beyond the ordinary confines of existence to bring home fascinating and unusual truths about faraway places and that carnival of wonders we call the universe.

The ninth house is our combination research library and travel agency. Opposite the third house of early education and short journeys, the ninth house relates to higher education and long journeys-both in duration and in distance. The natural sign of the ninth house is Sagittarius, and the natural ruler is Jupiter.