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The Will

The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The fixed signs correspond to the middle of each season, when the changes in the weather are well established, and the steady rhythm of life has reasserted itself. Fixed signs follow the cardinal signs, and are concerned with sustaining and maintaining what was initiated by the cardinal signs. Fixed signs are fundamentally concerned with the question of self-worth.

Fixed signs are concerned with stability and structure; they want things to last. Fixed signs generally possess tremendous stamina and reserves -- they aren't known for their speed (cardinal signs are the sprinters of the zodiac), but fixed signs are the marathon runners. Fixed signs, much like the element of earth, represent slow moving but incredibly powerful forces. Fixed signs are goal oriented, but do not like to change course mid stream. They will tend to hold onto and follow their original course of action regardless of whether or not this is the wisest choice at the time.

Fixed signs are concerned with the question of self-worth; they build on the identity issues established through the cardinal signs, and are concerned not simply with expressing an identity, but with making sure that identity has value and substance. Taurus, the fixed earth sign, is concerned with our material and physical worth; Leo, the fixed fire sign, is concerned with our value and worth as individuals; Scorpio, the fixed water sign, is concerned with our emotional and spiritual worth; and Aquarius, the fixed air sign, is concerned with our social worthiness.

Fixed signs have stamina and persistence, and this makes them very formidable to deal with. They are also exceedingly stubborn, and one of the most important lessons for fixed signs to learn is flexibility and openness to change. Because fixed signs are focused on issues of self-worth, they have a tendency to become invested in their ideas and actions -- any suggestions that changes should be made are instinctively perceived as a personal affront or attack on their worth as individuals. The first response of fixed signs when confronted is to dig in their heels and resist. This is not to say that fixed signs abhor any kind of change; however, the idea to make a change has to come from within, not from without.