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The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Mutable signs correspond to the end of each season, when the weather is preparing to change and transform into the next step in the cycle. Mutable signs are flexible and adaptable, and are concerned with change and with the completion of one cycle and the start of the next cycle. Mutable signs are all about change, adjustments, and tying up loose ends. In classical astrology, mutable signs were also known as "common" signs; they fall in between the haste of the cardinal signs, and the methodical plodding of the fixed signs, and generally represent events happening in the natural flow and in their own time. Mutable signs are the most aware of the dynamics of the complete cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth. They strive to keep events moving smoothly along the wheel.

Mutable signs are fundamentally concerned with completion, healing, and becoming whole. They follow and build on the work sustained and maintained by the fixed signs, and represent the universal law that in order for one cycle to begin, the previous one must end. Gemini, the mutable air sign, is concerned with completing our social and intellectual selves; Virgo, the mutable earth sign, is concerned with completing and perfecting the physical plane; Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, is concerned with completing our individual identities; and Pisces, the mutable water sign, is concerned with completing and healing our emotional and spiritual natures.

Mutable signs are known for their flexibility and their ability to adapt to and handle just about any situation in order to keep events moving toward their ultimate completion. Mutable signs, however, also have a tendency to be too flexible, too easily influenced by external forces, and too scattered to affect any kind of change. When a mutable sign is confronted, its first response is to change its nature, to adapt, to avoid, to do anything it can, in fact, to avoid an actual confrontation. What mutable signs must learn more than anything is focus: they tend to be concerned with so many different details at one time, that their energy dissipates and becomes ineffective.