Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
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By Celestial Design


Expansiveness, optimism, law, religion, higher education, long journeys, justice, prosperity, generosity, extravagance, excess.


Faith, trust, confidence, self-improvement. To connect with something greater than self. Growth.


Teachers, travelers, permissive father figures.


11.86 years

Time in Sign

approx.9 months



About Jupiter

Jupiter is about growth and expansion; it's about connecting to something bigger than the self. This includes all forms of tangible abundance and prosperity, as well as spiritual and philosophical pursuits. While Mercury rules the "lower mind," Jupiter is in charge of the "higher mind," which is one of the areas where we get in touch with our spirituality. Jupiter radiates warmth, generosity, and love, much like the Sun.

Jupiter is the planet that says "Yes!" to just about everything; it's about breaking out of our limitations and exploring new territory. Jupiter is the planet that convinces us that we can accomplish anything we want, and that's certainly a potent and wonderful feeling; but Jupiter is also prone to exaggeration and overconfidence. Sometimes rules and boundaries exist for a reason. Freedom and independence are very important to Jupiter. Jupiter craves new experiences and new information, and loves travel and exploration of all kinds: physical, mental, and spiritual. Jupiter contributes greatly to our sense of humor and of fun, as well as to our ability to be compassionate.

Jupiter is the first of the "social planets", and has a strong influence on how we relate to society as individuals. It is always striving to understand the big picture, and part of that picture includes discovering and exploring our roles as individuals within the larger structures of society.


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