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Wendy Cicchetti

International Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor


Communication, logic, reason, dexterity, speech, writing, wit, cleverness, thought


To connect, explore, and learn.


Children, movable objects, messengers and messages; all vehicles and forms of transportation, and all forms and instruments of communication (telephones, fax machines, computers, etc.).


88 days

Time in Sign

7.3 days



About Mercury

Other than the Moon, Mercury is the fastest-moving body in the solar system. Because of this, the planet Mercury also functions as a "messenger". In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, renowned for his speed, and relied upon as the primary source of communication and transmittal of information. The planet Mercury, likewise, is responsible for processing information for us on all levels. It rules communication, logic, and our mental faculties. It is our ability to perceive, to reason, and to make sense of the world.

Mercury is the only truly neutral planet; it is equally diurnal and nocturnal, and represents the balance between yin and yang energy. Mercury is the epitome of duality and of ambiguity; it strives to understand all possible sides of an issue, and is perfectly capable of balancing two opposing and conflicting concepts simultaneously. Mercury is notoriously unstable, and will bounce between the two sides of an issue with great abandon, reveling in the paradox and the duality. This demonstrates one of Mercury's lesser-known roles: that of the trickster.

A well-placed and dignified Mercury can certainly be a sign of intelligence, or at least of a very quick mind; however, it is not possible to determine a person's intellectual ability by looking at his or her Mercury. A retrograde Mercury, or a Mercury in poor condition, in no way indicates a lack of intelligence or the presence of learning disabilities.

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