Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design


Sensitivity, spirituality, illusion, music, imagination, idealism, deception, dreams, sacrifice, drugs, alcohol, vagueness, confusion.


To dissolve all structures and merge with the One.


Artists, dancers, musicians, martyrs, victims, photographers, film makers, clothing and costume designers, makeup artists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and addicts.


164.8 years

Time in Sign

14.5 years



About Neptune

Neptune represents the ultimate creative force; the unlimited and unimaginable possibilities of the universe. Neptune tells us that not only do all these different realities exist, they all exist simultaneously. This is a concept difficult to comprehend. We need our boundaries and our structures; we rely on the illusions of Saturn because they help us define ourselves and maintain a sense of individuality. Neptune's energy completely denies all of this and blithely dissolves all boundaries and structures. Neptune shows us where our walls are the thinnest, where we have the weakest hold on what we like to consider "reality".

Neptune's vibration is extremely high, and very few of us are able to actually experience it for any length of time without losing touch with our physical bodies. For the most part, we experience different aspects of Neptune in the form of glamour, illusion, fantasy, and escapism. Individuals who do not work well with the energies of Neptune often become dependent on drugs and alcohol, seeking escape. But, this is not the true path of Neptune. A more constructive use of it's energies can result in talent in music, dance, photography and film, as well as a dedication to spirituality and religious pursuits.

Neptune is associated with both mystical and spiritual experiences and psychic abilities. Where Neptune is found in the Natal chart is where one is most in tune with the higher realms. To fully access and integrate Neptune's energies one must be fully grounded in the physical as the line between visionary and schizophrenic can be quite thin. Neptune is not meant to be an escape route, although many individuals experience it in this way.

On a social level, Neptune represents the collective dream: the desires and hopes that society values and wants to bring into reality on the conscious level. Individuals who have Neptune closley aspecting personal planets will naturally tap into this energy; those who are able to channel it constructively are often drawn to the arts, and through their personal collective expression, they begin to bring form to the collective dream on a conscious level.

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