Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
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Transformation, regeneration, compulsion, death, power, deep analysis, change, elimination, destruction, passion, intensity. Power and control issues.


To let go; to let something die, to hasten the birth of the new, change and evolve, fulfill cosmic or soul purpose.


The Phoenix, powerful and destructive forces, dictators, death and rebirth, psychologists and psychotherapists, life-threatening illnesses.


248 years

Time in Sign

20.1 years



About Pluto

Pluto represents the process of death and rebirth. Pluto represents the ultimate threat to the ego, because Pluto entirely obliterates the ego. Uranus shakes it up, and Neptune denies it, but Pluto is the final death of the ego. Since most of us still grapple with our relationship to the ego, and often find it very difficult to let go of, we experience much fear and apprehension around Pluto. Pluto is an unstoppable force; we can do nothing to avoid it. Out of fear, we instinctively try to exercise control to avoid or protect ourselves from Pluto's energy. Although Pluto has no fundamental association with control and power, because of fear, control issues are almost always present when Pluto is involved.

Pluto is the single most destructive force in the universe: the force of unconditional love. This statement may seem a bit strange at first -- how is unconditional love a destructive force? True love, unconditional love, is so powerful that it destroys everything in its path that is not real; the pure energy of unconditional love is so intense that no illusion can withstand it.

Pluto doesn't start out by destroying our fundemental perceptions of reality, but it does show the areas of our lives where we must learn to surrender control, to let go of our need to cling to our illusions, and to allow ourselves to be completely transformed.

Those who have personal planets closely aspected to Pluto will naturally tap into this energy and become agents of change and transformation. Pluto represents raw power and individuals who carry Pluto's energy are drawn to arenas where they will be in a position to influence others. (Many politicians have a strongly placed Pluto in their Natal charts) The danger is succumbing to the demands of the ego and attempting to use Pluto's energy for personal gain. This always leeds to the destruction of the individual, and Pluto's energy will fulfill its original transformative purpose.

The most productive way to work with Pluto's energy is to surrender to it. The areas of life one feels the most need to control are the areas that must be released entirely. Trust that everything Pluto tears down has served its purpose and is no longer useful. This process frees up a vast reserve of energy that can be used to build new structures that will support the next phase of the journey.

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