Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design


Desire nature, ego, vitality, will, individuality, purpose, being, authority, creativity.


To be recognized. To express the self. Takes identity from house placement and aspects.


Hero, father, men in general, rulers in particular, kings, leaders, teachers, God.


One year (365.25 days).

Time in Sign

approximately 30 days.



About The Sun

The Sun is the conscious sense of self, the ego, who we are as an individual. The Sun is our "personal power." It operates in the present moment, and the true expression of the Sun involves using the will to take action, to create some expression of the individual self.

In order to stay healthy and happy, we must feed our Sun! We must make a conscious effort to seek out the types of experiences that will reinforce our Sun. This means having fun on a daily basis. Anything we truly enjoy feeds our Sun; these activities recharge our personal batteries on a very tangible level.

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