Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design


Sudden change, rebellion, technology, independence, originality, unconventional, eccentricity, the unusual, liberation, the unexpected.


To change and disrupt structure without regard for individual experiences or emotions; the walls come tumbling down.


Inventors, innovators, revolutionaries, agents of change, scientists and those who strive to change and break open our concept of reality.


84 years

Time in Sign

7 years


Uranium (unstable)

About Uranus

Uranus is the first of the outer planets, and its sole purpose is to disrupt Saturn's structures. Saturn represents the cosmic egg: the physical universe that we can see, hear, feel, and touch. Uranus, then, is the crack in the cosmic egg-the first and often traumatic realization that there is far more to the universe than we believed.

The energy of Uranus is a flash of lightning with often devastating repercussions. Uranus is unexpected, instantaneous, and fundamentally disruptive-but ultimately neutral in nature. Uranus is equally responsible for accidents and miracles; and often the only difference between the two is one of perspective. When Uranus strikes, for a moment we are given a blinding flash of insight; a glimpse of a bigger truth that shatters our old perceptions and limitations; and then just as fast as it appears, it goes away, and we're left waiting for the dust to settle. If we cling to the ideas and structures that nolonger serve our highest good, and we have bought into the illusions of Saturn, when Uranus comes along it can feel like our world is coming to an end; hence, Uranus' equally frequent association with unforeseen disasters.

Uranus teaches us to become aware of our attachments. Uranus is followed by Neptune and Pluto who are not nearly as forgiving in their lessons. Uranus shows where to let go, to be flexible, and open to change. Uranus is where the walls of our world begin to crack and tumble down. If we are not attached to the walls and they were starting to feel like a prison, then Uranus is the sudden, unexpected chance at freedom. If, on the other hand, the walls were used to hide and protect us from harm, when Uranus transits come around and the walls start to crack, it can be a frightening and threatening experience.

Uranus symbolizes the new and innovative changes that await the collective. When individuals have personal planets closely aspected to Uranus, they naturally tap into this innovative energy flow and become responsible, in part, for bringing the ideas into manifestation. The first thing that a new idea meets as it moves toward manifestation is Saturn. This usually translates into resistance from the rest of society (or at least from those who are not closely connected to the energy of Uranus and the new idea). Individuals with strong Uranus energy in their Natal chart often have a rebellious streak, a need to follow their own path, not conforming to the current standards of society. Eventually, as more and more people begin to express the new idea, the resistance to it fades, and it becomes an accepted part of the collective conscious. Often, the first place this new energy finds resistance is within ourselves. The first Saturn energy that needs to be converted is our own.

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