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The Ram's Horns



Planetary Exaltation:


March 21 - April 19

Sign art ©1999

Karmic Purpose

The search for identity
and self-expression. To curb impulsive and selfish patterns.

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Appropriate use of Energy:

Dynamic & Intelligent
Daring & Passionate

Misuse of Energy:

Selfish & Abrasive



Key words:

"I Am"



Vulnerable Areas:

head and face

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents the first stage of human evolution. The function of Aries is to begin, to pioneer, to create new life. Aries seeks to create with a pure and intense passion, and is the quintessential expression of raw, unharnessed energy. Aries breaks away from the collective consciousness of Pisces when the infinite connection to everything becomes too limiting. In order to continue to evolve, a part of the infinite separates and forms the illusion of an individual identity: this is the process of Aries. Aries is a trailblazer because it must push past all boundaries and shatter all limitations. As a leader, Aries is not comfortable being led or limited by others. Aries is courageous, inspirational, enthusiastic, original, and independent. Aries' overwhelming need to express its true self prevents it from ever acting falsely or deceitfully.

As a cardinal sign, Aries is involved in the initial creative process and is concerned with initiating and with taking action, and is also fundamentally concerned with the question of identity. As a fire sign, Aries is also concerned with the question of identity-a double emphasis! Fire signs express their energy dynamically and intensely and tend to operate in the present moment. In short, Aries is concerned with creating and initiating an individual identity, and with being allowed to express this energy freely, impulsively, and without limitation.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and, in fact, while Mars was the Roman god of war, Ares was the Greek god of war. (Aries comes from the Latin word for "ram.") Like the planet Mars, Aries is about taking action in a direct and focused manner. Unlike Mars, however, which is a nocturnal planet and therefore somewhat deceptive by nature, Aries energy is always completely honest and forthright.

The main lessons that Aries needs to learn tend to deal with taking other people into consideration. One of the keywords for Aries is "I Am! ", and if you picture that being shouted from a mountaintop, you'll get a feel for Aries energy. Unfortunately, Aries is as likely to shout it in a library as from a mountaintop. It's not that Aries energy tries to be rude; it's just that Aries energy is completely unaware that there are any other individuals in the world. It is so focused on gathering the energy required to break away and express its own individuality, that it has no ability to understand or perceive that its actions will affect others. Aries can be aggressive and combative, at times, not out of viciousness, but simply because it sees the shortest path to a goal and tends to take it-regardless of whoever else might be in the way.

Aries is the most impulsive energy in astrology, and must learn the art of delayed gratification and impulse control. Aries has a tendency to take immediate action without thinking things through. Both a cardinal sign and a fire sign, Aries energy will tend to burn out the quickest. Planets in Aries are motivated to discover and express the self. Aries is the sign that is the most strongly concerned with the questions of identity and individuality. Planets in Aries become more impulsive and action-oriented, and more single-minded in their manifestation. Although these planets tend to express themselves more honestly and directly (even the more nocturnal planets), they also tend to lose a great deal of perspective. Planets in Aries also run the risk of becoming very ego-oriented. Planets in Aries tend to lose any inherent stamina that they may have.

The emotional planets, the Moon and Venus, have the most difficult time in Aries. Aries encourages them to act immediately, which is not always the wisest move when we're listening to our emotions. As a fire sign, the emotions that Aries is really comfortable with are extreme joy and extreme anger.