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The Crab



Planetary Exaltation:


June 21 - July 22

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Karmic Purpose

To develop a nurturing
capacity and emotional
give and take.

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Appropriate use of Energy:

Nurturing & Tender
Sensitive & Intuitive
Practical & Domestic
Clever & Creative

Misuse of Energy:




Key words:

"I Feel"



Vulnerable Areas:

Breasts and Stomach

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and represents the fourth stage of human evolution. Cancer is the first sign where we encounter the full range of emotions and feelings, and the first sign where we can begin to rediscover our soul connection to all creation. In Gemini we begin to explore our surroundings, discover that we are separate from the objects around us, and learn how to navigate and relate to the physical world. The transition from air to water is always jarring, and perhaps the most jarring is the transition from the mutable air of Gemini to the cardinal water of Cancer, for in Cancer we discover our emotions, the first of which is a profound and crushing sense of isolation and loneliness. Through Gemini, we define our separation from our environment. In Cancer we experience the pain of this separation. We experience this pain because in Cancer we also begin to remember that we once experienced a tremendous emotional and soul connection with all creation, and we long to experience this feeling of safety and acceptance again.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. As a cardinal sign, Cancer is involved in the initial creative process and is motivated to take action and to initiate. As a cardinal sign, Cancer is also fundamentally concerned with the question of identity. As a water sign, Cancer operates on the level of emotional, psychic, and soul connections; in the unconscious, feminine and feeling realms. In short, Cancer is concerned with creating an emotional and soul identity.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is an inherently nurturing and protective sign, and very focused on protecting and preserving the family; in fact, Cancer nurtures and protects in order to strengthen emotional connections and to maintain it's true connection to the source of all creation. Because Cancer remembers our ultimate connection to all creation, on the highest level Cancer understands that when we nurture others, we are also nurturing ourselves, and when we are being nurtured, we are also nurturing others. Because there are truly no boundaries between us, when we give love we are also receiving it simultaneously. Cancer, however, does not always manifest on the highest level, and all too often it forgets the truth of our connection to each other. When this occurs, Cancer can become obsessed with having it's personal emotional and security needs met.

When Cancer feels threatened, or when it fears that it's needs will not be met, Cancer can become needy and clinging, possessive, and helpless. Mothering and nurturing can quickly become smothering. Cancer can look for emotional security in physical objects, and has a tendency to become attached to substitutes for the love and affection it craves. As Cancer rules the stomach, food is one of the more popular choices; when Cancer feels hurt and alone, comfort, food, a warm blanket, and familiar surroundings are often it's first line of defense. Cancer can try to build a cocoon-or perhaps more accurately, a hard outer shell-to protect itself from the pain of the outside world. Ultimately, Cancer must learn how to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient. Cancer must learn that while the connections to and support of others certainly form an important part of life, we must also have enough strength and courage to be able to go out into the world on our own, as individuals.

Planets in Cancer are placed in an emotional bath. They become extremely sensitive to feelings, and to unconscious and subconscious manifestations. Planets in Cancer become entirely subjective and lose most, if not all, of their perspective. The planets that have a fundamentally emotional and nurturing nature such as Venus, the Moon, and Jupiter, all do well in Cancer (although the Moon can become a bit too emotional in Cancer!). Planets that rely on objectivity, such as Mercury and Saturn, have a more difficult time dealing with Cancer's energy