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The Lion



Planetary Exaltation:


July 23 - August 22

Sign art ©1999

Karmic Purpose

To be self-enabling and
overcome power struggles.

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Appropriate use of Energy:

Loyal & Honorable
Ambitious & Persistent
Dynamic & Dramatic

Misuse of Energy:



The Sun

Key words:

"I Will"



Vulnerable Areas:

Heart, Upper Back, Sides

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and represents the fifth stage of human evolution. Leo follows the sign of Cancer in which we discover our emotional nature, our family connections, and more than that, in which we discover that there is a collective consciousness that we are a part of. In Cancer, we also discover that to a large extent, we are dependent on this collective consciousness to meet our needs. Leo evolves from Cancer's fear of not being nurtured, and Leo seeks to win the approval of the group by being special. Leo is the first of the "interpersonal" signs, and is the first sign where we have a complete sense of individual identity, and where we begin to explore our relationship to the group.

Leo is a fixed fire sign. As a fixed sign, Leo is involved in sustaining and maintaining what has been created and initiated before. As a fixed sign, Leo is also fundamentally concerned with the question of self-worth. As a fire sign, Leo is concerned with the question of identity. Fire signs express their energy dynamically and intensely and tend to operate in the present moment. In short, Leo is concerned with sustaining and maintaining an individual identity, and with being allowed to express this energy freely.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo energy wants to shine, to express itself, and above all, to be the center of attention. It's highest expression, Leo comes entirely from the heart, and expresses a tremendous warmth and generosity. Leo is extremely creative and attracted to all forms of self-expression-in fact, Leo is attracted to any activity that will enable it to demonstrate to others that it is special, giving, creative, generous, and worthy of attention and appreciation. As a fire sign, Leo is extremely honest and forthright; everything that Leo undertakes is an expression of the true self, and Leo desperately wants to be acknowledged and appreciated for it's true self. Leo will give of itself openly and freely, but Leo's love and generosity is not completely unconditional: Leo gives, but Leo wants to be acknowledged and recognized for it's gifts-and Leo's fundamental need for the approval and attention of others can sometimes become the true motivation for Leo's generosity.

Although Leo is very aware of the importance of being accepted by others, Leo does not have any perspective on the dynamic of the group. Leo is only aware of the group as an entity, and does not yet understand that the group is made up of other individuals who are just as special, and who each are entitled to their own time in the spotlight. This is a very difficult lesson for Leo, and while it is learning this lesson, Leo has a tendency to act out in order to ensure that it is always the focus of attention. Leo's childlike innocence and openness can quickly become childish behavior. Temper tantrums? Leo invented them. Leo is the original "drama queen", combining fire's tendency to do things in a very big way, with the desire to make sure that everyone understands just how special Leo is. Leo must learn that one's true sense of self-worth comes from within; it must learn how to be secure in it's own identity, and not to rely so completely on the approval and recognition of others. This overwhelming need for approval can make Leo a very easy target for manipulation.

Planets in Leo become more open, generous, expressive, and creative. They also become extremely self-centered. The Sun and Jupiter are happiest in Leo; they resonate very strongly with Leo's expansive energies, and both the Sun and Jupiter like to give of themselves. Planets that benefit from perspective and objectivity have a harder time dealing with Leo's energy. In particular, Mars and Saturn are very prone to ego-involvement when combined with Leo energy. Emotional planets like the Moon and Venus are able to express themselves in Leo, but they must be careful not to use their emotional expression (and outbursts!) simply as a means to get attention.