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The Fish



Planetary Exaltation:


February 19 - March 20

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Karmic Purpose

To become enlightened and to
be a spiritual teacher to others.

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Appropriate use of Energy:


Misuse of Energy:

A martyr
An escapist



Key words:

"I Believe"



Vulnerable Areas:

Feet, Lymphatics

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and represents the twelfth stage of human evolution. In Aquarius, we explore our relationship to society by identifying with the group consciousness. In Pisces, we complete the cycle of evolution and begin to dissolve the ego, to release the illusion of separation from the source, and to merge once again with the universe, integrating all we have learned through experiencing the previous signs. Aquarius identifies with the group, but Pisces seeks to merge with the group completely. Pisces represents the final stage and also the new beginning; as one cycle ends, the next one begins.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. As a mutable sign, Pisces is concerned with adapting, changing, and completing. As a water sign, Pisces operates in the realm of emotions and feelings. In short, Pisces is concerned with healing and completing on the emotional and spiritual plane. The motivation of Pisces is to absorb negative emotions from others and to transmute them. Pisces can be tremendously sensitive and caring. Because Pisces has a fundamental understanding that we are all part of the same universe, that truly there is no separation between us, Pisces has the ability to express unconditional love freely. Pisces tends to be psychic because it is able to pick up instinctively on the connections that we each share with everyone and everything in the universe.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and while it shares Jupiter's tendency for expansion (Pisces has a great deal of difficulty with boundaries since it tends not to recognize any), Pisces embodies the more spiritual elements of Jupiter. Pisces energy is about faith, for without faith, we would not be able to surrender the ego, to let go of the illusion of our individuality and merge with the universe. If Pisces didn't have the faith that we were truly eternal, spiritual beings, it wouldn't be able to let go of the physical with such ease. Pisces is perhaps the most compassionate of all the signs. It shares Jupiter's desire for the truth, but Pisces also knows that the truth is very subjective at times, and that sometimes the unseen is even more important than that which can be measured in the physical realm. Modern astrologers associate the planet Neptune with Pisces, and both Neptune and Pisces share a foglike quality, and a sensitivity to higher, spiritual vibrations.

Pisces energy has a tendency to embrace the martyr archetype, however, and despite what Pisces might think, this is very much a manifestation of it's ego, not of it's higher self. Yes, Pisces does a great and necessary service by absorbing and transmuting the negative energy and emotions of others, and yes, this is a powerful healing experience; but Pisces must learn that it doesn't need to suffer in order to serve the spirit. Rather than holding onto the negativity that Pisces collects, Pisces is perfectly capable of releasing it, and experiencing little or no discomfort in the process. Pisces energy also has a tendency to attempt to escape the physical through fantasy, as well as through chemical means. This can be fueled both by a need to avoid the pain and negativity that Pisces carry with it and either chooses not to release, or doesn't understand how to release, and also by an ego-driven belief that leaving the body through drugs and alcohol is a way of experiencing spirituality. Pisces must learn that it's purpose is not to leave the physical, but instead to bring spiritual energy into the physical realm. In order to do this, Pisces must learn how to stay grounded and in it's physical body. By connecting to the Earth, Pisces will naturally discharge the negativity it collects, and be able to move beyond the ego traps and martyr games.

Planets in Pisces lose their ability to take direct action; Pisces energy can be very disorienting, and planets in Pisces often act atypically. Planets in Pisces become extremely sensitive and receptive to the spiritual and emotional realms, and become less focused on and aware of boundaries. The Moon in Pisces in particular can have difficulty separating other people's feelings from it's own. Venus in Pisces becomes very romantic, artistic, and creative. Planets that require direct action or structure, such as Mars and Saturn, tend to be uncomfortable in Pisces.