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Facts about Supermoons

A SuperMoon is an extreme New or Full Moon. It's extreme because the Moon is so much nearer to the Earth than usual. The Moon is at both perigee (closest to the Earth) and syzygy (in line with the Sun and Earth). SuperMoons greatly intensify the gravitational pull on the Earth by the Sun and Moon, generating more extreme pressure, increasing earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, extraordinary tidal activity, and sever weather systems. If the Moon is Full, a SuperMoon appears about one-sixteenth larger than an ordinary Full Moon.

The intensification of the energies have about a 6 day window, starting 3 days prior and ending 3 days after as a general rule. SuperMoons usually happen about as often as eclipses (four or five times a year). There is significant data to suggest that much of the large global natural disastrous activity occurs during the Supermoon window. Not all of course.


  • July 3 – Buck Moon
  • August 1 – Sturgeon Moon
  • August 30 – Blue Moon
  • September 29 – Harvest Moon