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I have worked with Wendy both as an astrology client and as a student in her Akashic Records classes level 1 and Level 2.  Wendy has a way of imparting profound knowledge in a simple relatable way. As a student you feel like your questions and opinions are valuable and valid, and as you go deeper into the work she encourages you to ask even more.  Her demeanor and candid style of speaking helps to remove any of the preconceived notions that students may have about studying the more esoteric aspects of the world.  Wendy makes the material understandable, relatable, and instantly applicable in your life.  So much appreciation and gratitude that we crossed paths and I will continue to work with her in the future! I wholeheartedly recommend engaging in a reading or participating in one of her classes!


Indianappolis, IN

"I came across Wendy's website in 2020 and first connected with her for a life reading. I absolutely loved every minute of our conversation as she is such a caring and genuine person and made me really feel she was there to help me. So during this reading we started talking about astrology and the Akashic Records which really triggered my interest as I felt the records would really help me connect to my higher self and get some answers on my own. So I registered to the Akashic Records Level 1 and I have to say, I am still blown away with how much this has changed my perspective on many things, not only getting to know myself better but also gaining a lot of confidence in what I could bring to others and feeling more and more aligned with my true self. Wendy is so generous of her time, her knowledge, experience and wisdom, even when I was in doubt she was always there to support me. I cannot recommend her enough, I mean she has all my trust and love. She's purely amazing."

Granby, Canada

"In 1997, I began my journey with alternative medicine and energy healing.  I have always worked diligently to find authentic, loving, skilled practitioners and lightworkers.  From the first time I worked with Wendy, I knew she was the real deal.  I started with a complete astrology reading and quickly found myself yearning for more of her teachings. I signed up for her Akashic I class the next day.  During the class, I felt very protected and supported.  Wendy was very respectful and thoughtful with everyone in our class, and we quickly became a “family,” sharing our ideas and deep thoughts.  It was an excellent opportunity to grow and discover much about my capabilities. I am ever greatful for Wendy’s beautiful, nurturing soul, knowledge, and intuitive guidance. I look forward to learning more in the Akashic II class!"

Sheri P.
Lancaster, PA

"My Akashic records class with Wendy was an eye opener, to say the least.  The gentle, yet informative method of teaching really worked for me. It felt like a group of friends, sitting around and learning the most fascinating aspects of life.  In addition, Wendy put me on to a great learning source “Lars Muhl”. Following his work, has been a bonus for learning about the greater view, available to us all.
I highly recommend Wendy as a teacher, and as a most generous, kind soul.  I continue to take advantage of the offer she has for all former students to continue attending the new classes."

Millbook, Canada

"I am a student in Wendy Cicchetti’s Akashic Records class and I have learned so much from taking her course.  She comes prepared every class with lots of information and references for you to use going forward.  I was always hesitant to take an Akashic  course as I believed this was something that would be very complicated for me.  Wendy is a wonderful teacher and makes learning about the Akashic very easy, as well as always being available to answer your questions.  I highly recommend taking her course.   You will not be disappointed."

Billercia, MA

 "Since you’re reading this, you’ve already found Wendy. Take a second to thank the Universe, and then do yourself the favor of scheduling a reading or register for a class. Wendy Cicchetti did the most detailed and in-depth astrological reading I’ve ever had done out of more than two dozen. The tools and support she provides in the Akashic Records Level 1 and 2 classes are life-altering. There aren’t words to express my gratitude for the gift she has been for me. You were lead to her site because you are either searching for answers or looking to make positive changes in your life. You’ve found an amazing teacher, accept the gift!"

Dearborn Heights, MI

“I found Wendy “by accident” when talking to a friend about the Akashic Records. She mentioned that Wendy did a reading for her;  I looked Wendy up and found she had a class starting that week.  Through classes with Wendy, I was introduced to Lars Muhl who has had a profound influence on my spiritual journey. In Wendy’s classes, I like that our own growth and development is encouraged as we develop skills to go into the Akashic Records. These classes have been a great blessing to me.“

Gainsville, FL

"My first experience with Wendy, involved a complete reading of my astrological chart.  I admitted I had a limited knowledge of how all the planets, sun, moon and birth sign came together to form our individuality.  Wendy was so thorough and down to earth when imparting this wealth of knowledge.  What really helped me to remember all this information was her use of humor sprinkled throughout the reading 😂.  I highly recommend her to anyone that wants an excellent, accurate, in-depth professional reading! 
The second experience involved an Akashic Record reading. This was absolutely amazing and wonderful.  I have recommended her to many others showing an interest in their soul journey."


Regina, Canada  

"I don’t consider myself a religious person. I love spiritual teachings and the idea that we’re all connected, and I’m not smart enough to know for sure if there’s an afterlife or not…but I’ll tell you this: Working with Wendy and reading Debbie Ford’s book changed my perspective and added a brand new ease and joy to my work and home life. Wendy has an ability to teach with incredible clarity and openness; she never judges, she doesn’t jump to conclusions and she can see exactly what her students need and deliver it.

The biggest takeaway for me has been the grounded approach I have to my work and my daily activities. Taking a few minutes to open the records before diving in calms and soothes and has supported me to my highest revenues in my business yet. I love the prayers in Debbie’s book and the power that comes from turning within, and trusting that I have everything I need to be successful and happy. The combination has been invaluable to me on a personal level as I’ve grown into my power as a woman, and as a business owner I’ve tripled my business this year."

Tenafly, NJ

"Wendy is incredibly heart-based and has an innate wisdom that simply flows when she shares what she knows.  Her integrity is what drew me to her initially and after working with her a bit, I realized that that integrity is a core part of her.  As gifted as she is, it’s her compassion and her investment in her students that makes it clear she was born to do this work.  She just KNOWS.  She treats everyone as an individual and takes the time to really understand what their blocks or struggles are.  Her guidance has helped me access and recognize my own innate gifts of connection and intuition.  I think everyone should experience Wendy and what she has to offer."

Denver, CO

"I have taken Wendy’s Akashic Record course. It has helped tremendously with my progression on this path. She is a wealth of knowledge and she has no hesitation in sharing her vast knowledge with you. Her encouragement to have fun with it sounds simple but was also so powerful. She always encouraged us to play and have fun when the records were open. 

Wendy has a great group of students and the energy everyone brings to the classes is fantastic. If you are searching and feel like you need to improve your abilities I would highly recommend taking the Akashic Records classes. You will not be disappointed." 

Fall River, MA

"Thank you sooo much.   This is such a gift.   I've had my own feelings about my past lives for years.   It was wonderful to read your words.   You've given me confirmation about a lot of things I've been wondering about and who I've always thought I was.  I was crying with the confirmation of it.   I really don't know what to say!!  Very beautiful
Thank you."
Vista, California

"Recently, I took a class in which I learned how to open my Akashic records. We were instructed to use the book, Your Holiness, by Debbie Ford in conjunction with the questions we asked while our records were open.
This was a profound experience for me. I would open my records, meditate for a moment until I got a word for the day, and then, while asking my Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones for guidance, I would open the book to a random page. Once I read what was there, I knew it wasn’t random at all as it would be so specifically written to offer an answer to my question. This happened each time I accessed the records.
Here’s an example:
The word “rise” came to me. I randomly opened the book to page 85, Dissolve My Toxicity. Some excerpts from the reading:
“Lift my ever-loving soul out of the dense fog of negativity.” “Lift me up to new heights so that I can stand on top of the mountain of possibilities and see beyond the limited perspectives of my current reality.” “Let me humbly accept this higher level of consciousness, where love and joy permeate my heart.”
That day I needed to rise out of my feelings and that prayer was perfect for me.
That is just a simple example, but the more I did the exercise, the more I was astounded at the results I was getting. Messages I was given were so specific to the questions I was asking. I knew they were coming from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones…and God, or Higher Power or whatever you choose to call it. Akashic Records and “Your Holiness” work hand-in-hand to help discover and uncover the lessons I need to learn in order to live the best life I can.
I’m looking forward to doing more work with Akashic records and Debbie’s book, and highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to expand their awareness and receive loving guidance and affirmations of their own holiness in the process."

Albuquerque, NM

"The Akashic Records work with Wendy Cicchetti has helped me reach a deeper connection to my soul.  I've gained clarity on this being that I am as well as insights with some of the relationships I have with family.  

"Your Holiness" is a beautiful piece of work and has helped me realize no matter how isolated or alone I may feel physically as a result of having lost my husband and best friend, Divine Spirit is always nearby.  I need only ask."

Fallbrook, CA

"It surprised and amazed me that over 4 months have passed since I began my journey with the Akashic records.
I guess that initially I believed I would have a life altering and profound experience, which I have not had in this aspect. However I am so pleased that my experience has been gentle with profound changes concerning my decreased anxiety and my willingness to challenge and speak up in areas of my life that I have literally avoided for decades. I am more at peace and want to continue to grow spiritually. I am so thankful for my progress as I have been diligent and disciplined with my prayers, asking questions and I am hopeful of continued growth.
Blessings for us all as we continue with our journey with the support of masters, teachers, and loved ones!"

Denver, CO

For me, the most profound thing I have recognized is my immediate ability to create manifestation when I open the records, and connect with source.  And the manifestations happen almost immediately.  When I open the records and ask for guidance, I will start receiving answers within hours, or a single day, including: synchronicities, phone calls, emails, introductions etc. that directly answer to my visions and requests.  Some of the major things that have happened have been regarding my career (which is what I have asked for the most help with)

First opened Records May 20, 2018

May 25-29: 

  • I received the biggest gain in my professional career by landing an Architectural Digest 10 page spread of my photography AND I got the cover.  This is something I have been working towards my whole career.
  • Hired to shoot 10 page spread AND Cover for Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine
  • Contacted by designer to possibly shoot a book about her home and property. 


  • The whole month was filled with continuous synchronicities on a daily basis


  • Found out that a British magazine picked up one of my photo shoots for a 10 page spread


  • Picked up two new big clients because of being published in Architectural Digest


  • Was personally invited to a very important event by exactly the person I was hoping would invite me.
  • Received a check in the mail (unexpected and not asked for) from a family friend for the exact amount I had been needing and praying for.
  • The day after asking for help moving my career forward I chanced upon a neighbor who I showed my AD article, and she immediately asked if she could help me with PR to make sure I capitalize on this moment. Not only did she arrange for couture dresses to be sent to me for the event I recently was invited to, but she also has a 20 year relationship with the agency that I would most like to be represented by.  I have since hired her to help me navigate this phase of my career.


  • This might seem like a silly one, but I was at a Lenny Kravitz concert, thinking about the fact that I have been one degree of separation from him on a number of occasions, and from my VIP seat in the balcony at the Palladium I was watching him and thinking how great it would be to meet him.  Twenty minutes later during his encore song, he left the stage, wandered through the crowd singing, came up the stairs to our section, and literally into my seat and sang down to the crowd below while I stood next to him in shock!
  • Found out the I was being published in a book by Rizzoli called: Houses on the Shore
  • Interviewed by VoyageLA Magazine 
  • Was introduced to one of the biggest celebrity portrait photographers in the industry who seemed to treat me as an equal once he was told by my friend (his 1st assistant) that I was recently published in AD.  He then gave me an open invitation to visit his studio in NYC whenever I'm in town.

Los Angeles, CA