Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design

Meet Wendy

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Wendy is the Quintessential Earth Mother offering stability and insight to her many clients through their unique struggles. She is highly intuitive and exceptionally skilled in:

• HOLISTIC ASTROLOGY ( Romance, Career, Relocation, Finances, Children and Families )

Wendy has been a student of holistic philosophy for much of her life. She is well schooled in a powerful mixture of traditional and contemporary Astrology. Wendy focuses on how Astrology and the Akashic Records can impact and heal the emotional and spiritual part of our lives. Her specialities are the Astrology of Personality, Family and Children's Astrology, and Akashic Records Teacher and consultant.

Why do I do the things I do?
Why do I sabotage myself?
Why is it so important for me to be seen as.... ?
Why am I drawn to a certain type of person/job/situation?
Why is my life easy sometimes, and other time not?
Why is my life characterized by crisis?
Why am I having health related challenges
How will I know my soul mate?
What's my ideal career?

You will find Wendy's readings to be comprehensive and resourceful as she addresses these questions and many more. She can help you understand yourself more fully and help you identify those patterns of behavior which keep causing you difficulty. She is frank, open and honest as she gives pragmatic, realistic, usable information and advice. Wendy uses proven, time-honored tools to provide you with insight and alternatives that will help you make more informed choices for your future.

Using transits, progressions, and solar returns, Wendy is able to see what energies are going to impact you in the coming years. She will help you see the "hot" spots of your life and what issues need your focus.


Children do come with an owner's manual! Having solid information on your child's Natal Chart early in life can provide parents with essential information on the personality of their child and what they can expect as a result. This information can greatly facilitate more effective parenting. Wendy's knowledge and insight are an invaluable key for parents into the drives, motivations and possible pitfalls in their child's personality. Children's Astrology, Astrological Counseling for Parents, and Family Constellation Astrology are her passion.

For the serious student, there is no greater treasure than a clue. Get one here.