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By Celestial Design

Chiron in Pisces

Chiron, the celestial body known as The Wounded Healer, whose mission is to support the greater good, will join Neptune in Pisces from February 8, 2011 through February 18, 2019.

Religion falls under the rule of Pisces, and the Middle East crisis will come under greater international focus. Muslims versus Jews? Catholics versus Protestants? This senseless conflict has been passing as religion for far too long a time. A new spirituality may emerge during Neptune's and Chiron's sojourn in Pisces. This will most likely be an acceptance of non-denominational and Eastern practices that have been around in some form since recorded time. Instruction might become more main stream, strengthening our innate psychic abilities. We could learn how to explore each other’s minds before this new decade is over. It’s been said that we all are born with natural psychic ability and that we only use about ten percent of our brain's power. Pushing that envelope may enable us to sense the feelings and thinking of others on a whole new level.

The popularity of cultivating mind-body connections will continue to increase. Also, the boundaries between people may change as Pisces energy pushes us to make changes for the higher good. In this new era, we will need to confront the culture of fear that has been created all around us. This bubble could burst in 2012, as we are pushed into an ever increasing global economy and forced to share more with our neighbors.