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Jupiter in Scorpio

October 10, 2017 - November 9, 2018

Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, growth, generosity, joy, good fortune, and abundance. Every year, benefic Jupiter changes signs bringing us new opportunities to expand. However, Jupiter is the most mysterious of planets. It is the planet of good luck but where and how the blessings may manifest is just a guess. Exactly what Jupiter acts on and expands depends on what connections (aspects) are made globally and in ones own chart.

Jupiter’s entrance into the passionate, secretive sign of Scorpio begins a thirteen-month period of exploring and confronting the complex mysteries of life and death, as well as the shadow within us. As you plunge your depths in search of wisdom, truth, and possible untapped resources hiding in the shadows, you can use your discoveries to guide you to what inner issues are necessary for you to understand so you can heal. Jupiter in Scorpio can facilitate a powerful force for change. It has the strength to move us through the process of transformation from the depth of our being and ascending beyond our present state of consciousness.

This transit of Jupiter in Scorpio can be stressful for the other fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo). Unless there is optimum control of the appetites and behavior, complications can arise from sensual pursuits, obsessive or manipulative behavior, devious money tactics, overly-ambitious actions, overdoing and overestimating what is possible, or extreme craving for control and misuse of power.

The first few months of this cycle can be particularly challenging for the fixed signs. Problems and issues must be addressed, and old ways of doing things must change. This demands right action, a change of perspective, digging deeper to understand the greater meaning of who you are, and the elimination of stubborn, self-defeating attitudes. It is a frustrating few months for the fixed signs, but patience and effort can bring extraordinary achievements!

For all signs, this mixture of energies can be either beneficial or damaging, depending on the motivations behind the application of Jupiter’s abundant blessings and good fortune and Scorpio’s considerable insight and power.

We can also choose to use this energy to tap into our inner wealth and spiritual power for the good of all. At its most negative extreme, greedy lust for outer wealth and power can lead to the exploitation of others. Free will permits us to choose the Jupiter in Scorpio energy for better or for worse. If we navigate this alchemical process wisely, an important segment of our lives will be purged, purified, and transformed by the time Jupiter exits Scorpio in November 2018.

If you have Jupiter in Scorpio nataly this will mean that you are having your Jupiter return, and whichever house it falls under, you will notice the changes to be greatly magnified (usually a great improvement) more than others who do not have Jupiter in Scorpio natally.

For more insight think back to October 26, 2005 to November 23, 2006, the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio – what was happening in your life then?