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Pluto in Capricorn

In order to keep a finger on the pulse of world events, astrologers watch for significant changes in planetary activity. There is indeed major planetary activity which began in 2008 and will be affecting global change for many years to come unlike anything we have experienced in many decades. Pluto will remain in the sign of Capricorn for 16 years, until December of 2020.

Pluto shifting into the heavy and restrictive sign of Capricorn from the light and open energy of Sagittarius in mid 2008 is the fundamental transit shaping global events. When a planet changes signs it is considered quite significant. This shift equals unprecedented change in our lifetime. Pluto’s slow rotation around the Sun (approximatly 250 years) puts the last dates of its sojourn in Capricorn from January 1762 to the Spring of 1777. That transit was characterized by imposing unrest which resulted in the American war for independence from Great Britain; new types of government required to manage and regulate resources and humanity within a new framework. A very fascinating and informative study.

Astrological signs are characterized by distinguishable traits. Sagittarius is a sign of Mutability, concerned with thinking, learning, philosophy and humanitarianism. There is expansiveness and lightness to the energy. Capricorn, however, is a heavy, restrictive and serious energy. It is a Cardinal sign and is action oriented and concerned with movement and structure. As Pluto shifted from Sagittarius into Capricorn the energy we feel is more formidable in nature and action oriented.

In Sagittarius, Pluto’s energies, which are heavy and destructive, were helping expose the corruption in religion and the breakdown in religious traditions; what is no longer working, relevant or corrupt. Pluto in Capricorn represents a breaking down of governmental structures, corporations and business, exposing the same things; corruption, what is no longer viable and what is unsustainable. Pluto’s main function is to expose, break down, destroy and rebuild. As Pluto changed signs the focus changed globally from philosophical and religious to the structures that govern our countries and their people, and our resources.

When dealing with religion and philosophy you are working with what is mostly intangible as a rule; peoples beliefs. Now, we are concerned with very tangible challenges and breakdowns which strike at the core of our very survival. The big focus will be on how we use our resources and how we use power. As corporations and businesses collapse around us, the ones that survive will be those based on sustainability, integrity and those that are planet friendly