Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
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By Celestial Design

Saturn in Aquarius

In Ancient times, and to our ancient ancestors, Saturn was the farthest planet in the Solar System. It is the last visible planet we can see, and it represents the perceived limits of our solar system. So, too, it represents the perceived limits we see in our lives -- those fears, doubts, and challenges we think are impossible to overcome. We just have to remember: Our soul growth requires us to overcome those limits. In this case, what we believe holds us back, but is exactly what we must work through for our growth and expansion. Saturn is like the teacher in school who wants you to do really well but pushes you to your limit to earn your A.

Saturn's placement reflects our karma and the wisdom we gain through overcoming challenges. It's our quest for success, our determination to make a name for ourselves, and our disciplined efforts. 

Aquarius Energies

Aquarius represents the flow of consciousness that connects us all. It's also symbolic of the intuitive mind. 

Aquarius is the sign of groups, community, friendships, social networking, inventors, and astrologers. Its influence inspires us to tap into the invisible realm of our collective unconscious and bring forth ideas to communicate to the world. 

Aquarius is also the sign of outside-the-box thinking. It's the sign of rebels and revolutions. In that respect, it wants progress for us individually and for us as a whole. Its influence reminds us we're all part of one global community - one humankind. It wants us to do our part to participate in whatever ways we can, but it wants us to be genuinely ourselves in the process. That is the only way we can contribute to co-creating a better world — by expressing ourselves without fear of judgment and doing what our souls came to do. 

Aquarius is the sign associated with technology and invention. It's linked to the Internet, and in particularly Aquarian times, we've seen a rise in technological innovations that relate to our virtual connectivity. We're already seeing this now through social distancing. Our virtual worlds are becoming hubs for community, and Saturn has only just begun its move into Aquarius. We will be answering tough questions, learning valuable lessons, and creating new social structures in all areas of our lives. As a result, we'll see significant progress and lasting change.

Artificial intelligence also falls under the purview of Aquarius energy. There will be huge shifts into AI in all areas of our lives. There is controversy about this integration not only into all facets of our everyday lives, but also into connecting our brains to the cloud.