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Saturn in Capricorn

Every 28-30 years, Saturn does its work in each sign, for a 2-3 year period of time, and through pain and challenge pushes us to do the necessary work to gain the reward. Saturn is in the sign it rules; Capricorn. This is where Saturn is extra potent on issues of business and business structure, big Government and its affects on the populace, and monetary issues. All of these energies affect the world as well as the individual.

Wherever Saturn is, it isn't a fun ride for those in its path. Saturn is all about doing the necessary work to obtain the desired reward. Saturn does not deny your desires, but the energies will delay the outcome until all the necessary work is completed.

Saturn is a power house and it influences our discipline, responsibilities and limitations.

Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, the planet of responsibility and discipline matched with the sign who is the master of both traits. Together they create higher focus, direction, and ambition – especially in our careers and in our personal lives with our family. Capricorn is a natural provider, family oriented, and dedicated sign that thinks only of progression and future wealth and success.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. This is also a sign that wants to have something to show. Meaning, this sign loves status and material wealth. They want the house, the car, the white picket fence, and will climb up their mountain of dreams to find their heaven. This is a hardworking sign that will remove emotions to make hard choices that benefit their future. Call it what you will, materialistic, snobby, or just resourceful, but remember their motto is, “I use.”

This sign is highly realistic. Emotions are for private time, but can be removed when it comes to business/work/education. Even when this sign is at their worst, they always manage to put their feelings aside to get shit done. This is also a traditional sign that believes in being reserved, respectful, and altogether elegant and classy in mind, heart and soul.