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Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn square Uranus is the most important Astrological transit of 2021. It will last the entire year and beyond. Saturn Uranus alignments represent periods of radical change and disruption to the status quo. They’re good times to break out of old habits and patterns that have become too restrictive and limiting. Any structures in your life that no longer serve a useful or creative purpose can be dismantled and reformed – and you might not have much choice in the matter. These hard alignments affect the world and represent periods of forced growth and change – resistance is futile! – but that doesn’t mean all change is good.

It’s also important to recognize the difference between old structures that are positive, useful and necessary, and those that are repressive or worn out. If you don’t, you could end up getting rid of things you need – like civil liberties, for example.

Ultimately, these alignments are about freedom, but that doesn't’t mean doing whatever you want.

For our lives, and societies, to function well you need a balance between freedom and structure – Uranus and Saturn. Without good boundaries and limits, freedom can be taken too far and it becomes destructive. Equally, with too much control, life can’t flourish because creativity is stifled.

When these two planets get together the results are often unpredictable and that can cause fear and rebellion. But giving in to the fear blocks access to your higher self, intuition, and lowers your frequency which disrupts you from seeing positive ways through the confusion. Resistance is just Saturn digging in his heels and holding on to the past in a low third dimensional frequency.

However, some fears should be acknowledged and heeded. They could be a red flag showing you that something is wrong – perhaps you’re in danger or there’s a problem you need to address. If your house is on fire, you don’t sit there and accept the flames and think positive thoughts – you get out! There are red flags all over the world now as the majority of countries are locked down due to the "pandemic".

Perhaps the hardest part of Saturn Uranus alignments is the amount of tension and stress that gets stirred up. You may feel stuck and energized at the same time – forced into a corner and under pressure to do something, but you don’t know what.

The stress pushes you to act to relieve the inner tension but this can lead to mistakes, as well as accidents and erratic behavior that gets you in trouble. You could end up making the wrong changes, or even the right changes at the wrong time, and make things worse.

The best way to approach this time is to remain as flexible and adaptable as you can. Stay open to change and new ideas but don’t jump at the first opportunity that comes up. Always check the facts and make sure you’re not being misled by fear. It has been said that fear is the real disease, so stay out of fear. Take time out to relax and meditate – physical practices like yoga and dance can help to manage the tension, stay creative, and trust your intuition.