Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design

Uranus In Taurus

Uranus’s time in Taurus speaks to innovations, changes, breakdowns and (hopefully) breakthroughs in banking systems, social security nets, land ownership/occupations, and how we work with the resources of this glorious earth we are so fortunate to inhabit. Taurus wants secure sources of prosperity on reserve, but consistency is not Uranus’s game. Here, Uranus seeks to flip the script on the status quo, but we mustn’t mistake change for progress when it isn’t. We mustn’t mistake what is shocking for what is innovative, what is disruptive for what is revolutionary, what is extreme for what is just.

Some men may be trying to outdo each other with fancy trips to Mars, but let us not be distracted from our job here on earth. Let us be endlessly interested in finding ways to live on this changing planet, this beloved space rock that birthed us, with greater appreciation, cooperation, and curiosity for how to take care of it and ourselves.

Uranus’s Impact

Transits from Uranus often come in loud, leaving many cowering from its sheer volume and velocity. Uranus transits chip away at our calcified exteriors, grinding our defenses down to dust. Revealing our ego’s tricks and tired antics.

Along the path of change we must part with our small, sometimes petty, outlooks so that we might meet broader aspects of ourselves and our lives. New knowledge we didn’t know we possessed. New talents that were latent within. Uranus reveals deep reserves of energy to draw from. When recycled, the wreckage of our lives makes for incredibly potent fuel. In order to access it, however, we have to confront our apathy. Our stifled rage. Our bound up desires. Our fears of being a failure and a success.

These are mighty foes. Uranus can bring about harrowing events, but only in confronting the fears that they reveal can we take our power back.