Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
(505) 553-3292
By Celestial Design

If you are new to Astrology, welcome to a richer, wider world.

The best place to start is with a full, initial reading. This consultation will reveal a ton of information about your soul's purpose, what gifts you came in with and what challenges you have set up for yourself. This reading includes current transits and progressions for the coming year to allow you to live a more pro-active life.

After your initial consultation and armed with your increased self-awareness, you'll want to check in now and then to see how the landscape has changed. Time and transiting planets bring new challenges and fore-warned is fore-armed. For current clients, I offer January Reading Specials for short consultations meant for just that.

I also offer a range of products for specific purposes:

  • Yearly Transits and Solar Returns are great for a more in-depth look at the coming year. This consultation explores, at a soul's level, the planetary energies coming into play in transits and progressions and what that might mean on the levels of spirit, the mental plane and the physical plane. Knowing these things allows you to consciously engage your life's lessons and progress.
  • Childs Life Readings are intended to arm a parent with information similar to the Full Initial Reading and geared towards highlighting your child's particular strengths and challenges. Children really do come with an instruction manual!
  • Birthtime Rectification is an advanced process that can zero in on your birthtime when there is no other way to know.  An accurate birthtime is important because it adds context to the rest of the chart.  If there is no reliable record of your time of birth and no relative or friend who remembers well, rectification before a consultation ensures the information given in the reading will be far more accurate.
  • Compatability Interpretation is usually used for romantic relationships but is quite effective at analyzing any relationship (for example, business partners or extended family).  This consultation compares two charts to find 'connections' that represent areas of magnetic attraction, compatibility and friction.  It also highlights how two personalities can bolster (or feed) each others weakness and support each others strengths.
  • Family Constellation analyzes an entire family (or business team) for compatibility and interaction.  This extensive analysis highlights overall themes within a 'family' as well as areas of friction and where life's lessons might play out.
  • Locational Interpretation is a way of comparing a person's natal chart to different locales on Earth to identify which areas will best support the soul's journey.
  • Mini Readings are for those times in life where a little direction goes a long way.  This consultation can include Astrology and/or Tarot to get to the root of what's troubling you and chart a course out of difficulty.  It is intended for current clients experiencing difficult transits or life experiences.